Hello there.

My name is Paris Rouzati, and I'm currently living  and working in San Francisco. My passion is in bringing products to life using both my left and right brain, through a combination of data and creativity.  I work with companies to help them grow engaged communities of users through storytelling, full-stack marketing, social media, growth hacking and partnerships. I have a deep understanding of millennial and Gen-Z culture and the global influencer community. My philosophy is that the best executed marketing plans are those that spark conversations amongst users, where they become addicted to the experience your product provides for them, and become your best marketers in return. 

Outside of my work, I spend as much time as I can traveling. I’m a foodie, cinephile, amateur photographer, and art lover.

Want some feedback on how to market your product, or just want to say hello? Email me.


Forbes 30 Under 30, Marketing + Advertising 2016
Brand Quarterly Brand Champion, 2016